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Sep 19, 2006
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Guys I am looking to buy a 2510 however it has a notch transom I really want a full transom with a bracket to mount the motor. Has anyone ever done this or no if it can be done and an estimated cost, I know it is probably not necessary but none the less Thanks in advance RJG
Is it possible to convert a boat with a notched transom into a bracketed boat?

Absolutely! It is done all the time by people with vessels that are worth the time and the money to perform such a conversion.

Older Makos, Potter built Seacrafts, Formula 233's... I even saw a 25 Bertram converted to twin bracketed 250 hp outboards in my boatyard about 4 years ago.

Would a Parker or Sou`wester fit into the catagory of "worth the expense"? Probably so... but don't expect to recoup your costs if you plan to sell the boat in the near future.

If you'd like to see some projects that were converted, and what was required to do so, check out the project pages of and be prepared for some in-depth reading of some amazing transformations.

Good luck!
I am looking to buy

Then keep looking for what you want. You'll be money ahead.

To have the job done with a all new transom, your looking at around $7K to $8K.
Megabyte.......Lots of detailed information on Classicmako. If you do the work yourself closing up the transom notch and adding a bracket should cost under 2 G's. Gil makes a nice bracket.
For a decent bracket. I'm talking about one with a BIG tub to support a large 4 stroke and swim platform. You will be real lucky to get just the bracket for $2K.

Going with a small tub bracket you will be doing yourself NO favor.

The boat will squat in the a$$ end more, scupper's could be underwater, etc,etc.

If the boat doesn't have hyd steering? It will need it. $1K. If it does have it, you will need bulkhead fitting and 2- 3ft hose's. Aprox $150.

Shift/ Throttle cables will need to be replaced with long one's.

It keep's going on the money end, but you get my point.

$2K for the job? Ain't gonn'a happen!