Outriggers on a 2510??????

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Feb 24, 2006
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Solomons Island, MD
I've been using the poor-man's method for trolling...using home made wooden planer boards on 75' of weedwhacker line.

Have been thinking of going to outriggers, but not sure what kind to buy or where to mount them. The wishbones are probably the strongest, but would cramp the already cramped walkway around the cabin to the bow. Gunwhale or T-Top mount would need a large backer plate to handle the torque and stress.

Anyone mount outriggers on a 2510? Pics?
I've got them, and I did it the same way john from madison did on his 2520. I mounted them on the top, and added a piece of starboard backing this year to protect the hardtop (the washers were digging in slightly, so with the new starboard it will dig into that instead). The top is plenty strong enough, but the starboard distributes the stress.

It's easy enough to get up there and raise/lower them in really any seas. One of the things I added by the way was a handrail that runs along the top. It makes holding on much easier.

I don't think I have any closeups but will be there tomorrow.
Dave, I don't have any photos of Lee Jr Wishbones mounted on a 2510, but I do have photos of them on a Grady Sailfish.


Clearance going forward doesn't look too bad from this shot.


Ive got the Lee wishbones on my 2820 and dont think they get in the way going foward,but they do need some more support about cabin top level.Going to call Lee about some tower releases that I can mount from the cabin top to the outrigger poles.


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Thanks for the replies. Yes...I would think that the rods would bang the hard-top if not strapped down some way. Since I've added handrails the full length of each side of the hard top, I guess I could bungee them fast.

Anyway, these pics get me thinking of the options.
Windy... When I get ready to install my riggers, I'd love to have some close-up detail photos of your installation.
I'm sure it would help me get mine mounted at the proper angle. :wink:
As soon as this weather clears Ill get some closeup pics of the riggers. I want to make up some aluminum backing plates for the wishbones as they are through bolted with washers and I want something stronger.