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Feb 17, 2006
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Normandy Beach, NJ
I had asked this on THT a few months back, and had been steered that I would have to kind of trial and error using some programs, and fill in the gaps on some letters.

I want to place Mary Alice on each side of my sportcabin. I have Appleworks. Are there any members who have tinkered with fonts among this Parker-specific crowd, and have come up with a reasonable fascimile?

I would like to play with it here and email it to a gentleman who will get 'em made and installed.



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It was probably me who gave you the long winded response on THT. I came up with the design in my sig for my boat, and designed the Classic Parker logo. "Classic" wasn't very easy as there aren't many similarities with "Parker" so the C's and S's were tricky.

As I posted before, you have two options.. one is to find a font that is close in appearance to the Parker font, and maybe move the letters closer together and draw in some of the Parker-style clues.

The other option is to create your own 'font' by cutting and pasting sections of the Parker letters to suit your own needs.. this is the approach I took.

All that being said, "Mary Alice" isn't too bad to work with in terms or re-using the Parker logo.

-- Tom


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Tom is the Master! :D

I took the lazy way out and used "Calisto MT" in Italic and Bold. Its a font included in MSWord. Not sure if its in the Mac package.
I didnt try to use elements of the Parker logo like Tom did,, but here's what I sent to my graphics guy to cut the stencil.

Not as accurate or "Parker-true" as Tom's masterful approach, but it was expedient and since I do not display it right against the Parker logo on the hull, it looks OK.

Thanks I am playing on my lap top right now and I think I have what I want. Can I ask you though: what size letters did you use on the side of your cabin? Five inches?

And Tom... you are the master. I apent a few hours trying to cut and paste before I gave up and read Cbigma's post :D I dug out the lap top and here I am. I love how your name is on your starboard transom. I think I want o have my daughter's name on each side of the cabin AND on the transom like yours as well. How big are your letters?

Thanks everyone (Bruce too...I didn't have that font though).
Thanks for the feedback guys, there was a lot of work behind the "Hannah Katherine", so I appreciate it :)

I forget the exact dimensions, but I remember the width of the logo being about 18" wide, so each letter is probably 3" high.

I made the mistake of measuring the approximate amount of space I had on the transom, then designing and getting the vinyl cut, as I could have gone a little larger with the lettering and had plenty of room.

Next time :)

This is a font called "Magik" that could be workable.. I think I downloaded it for free somewhere..

-- Tom


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I didn't want to mess up the font by calling for a specific height. I knew that I wanted the total length on the Pilothouse sides to be 48 to 50 inches.

so I told the graphics guy....

Sides… 1 ea Port and Starboard
Length = 48” – 50 “ Height to Suit Font Aspect Ratio

And I knew that I only had 24" space on the Starboard Transom,

so I told the graphics guy......

Transom 1 only Starboard Side
Length = 24” Height to Suit Font Aspect Ratio (Max 6”)

That way, the height was....what it wanted to be based on the length,,(the real limiting factor)

Here is what it came out to be...


The vinyl lettering cost about $150 including installation by the graphics guys,,

Hope this helps...

BTW Sal,,,

Did you catch Tom's subtle hint about squishing the characters together as one of the Parker font's traits?

You can mess with the spacing in MSWord under format/font/character spacing, not sure what the Mac equivalent is...

-That- is a very nice detail. (I told you he was the master). :D

I wish I had noticed that before I had my letting done. (Next time!)

If only was around a couple years ago!

BTW Sal,,,

Did you catch Tom's subtle hint about squishing the characters together as one of the Parker font's traits?

You can mess with the spacing in MSWord under format/font/character spacing, not sure what the Mac equivalent is...

-That- is a very nice detail. (I told you he was the master). :D

I wish I had noticed that before I had my letting done. (Next time!)

If only was around a couple years ago!

I used Calisto MT, Bold Italic, Size 72, Black Color, Shadow is clicked, condensed spacing 3.5 pt.

I'd love to post it for your thoughts, but I can't seem to save it properly.

It is basically:

Mary Alice , as described above.

And underneath it is:
Normany Beach, NJ ,

using the same font , half the size (size 36), a custom red that I used that is cross between Burgundy and Bright Red, Shadow is clicked there as well, and spacing is not condensed.

I'll try to figure out how to upload it here. Again thank you very much guys; a lot of trouble for a somewhat trivial thing!

I think this is it.... but without the shadow feature (saving to web page allowed me to preserve the font, but at the expense of shadowing being lost in the translation)


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Nice Job Sal!

I never considered dual colors!

Have you tried a version with the hailing port in a different (block) font all Upper Case?


We have state registration numbers, and aren't required to have hailing ports, (or even names) so it's obviously a matter of personal taste.

I recommend having a local graphics shop cut and -apply- the lettering. That way, you are supporting a local business, and letting a pro handle the surface prep, alignment, and adhesion (read-"no bubbles"). :lol:

Naming your boat is not a trivial thing.
I took a different path with my boat name... :)
It seemed more appropriate, given the 'subject'. :wink:

The photo below is of my previous boat.
I have the same lettering sitting here at home just waiting for an opportunity to apply them to the cabin of my Parker.
I've been putting it off for two years now, so maybe this is the year. :lol:


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Good One Kevin...

Some names fit fonts precisely.

But hey,,, since you moved up from the Dusky,,,into a larger Parker....

Shouldn't it be "Gigabyte?" :lol:

And save "Terabyte" for when you move up again? :p

Maybe in 5 years when Parker releases a 34?

There is a story that goes with the name John.

I've been a firefighter for 37 years and when I bought the Dusky, I was considering naming her "Backdraft".

Well, the day I went to pick her up, there were two Chesapeake deadrises in the yard (charter boats) having their spring
maintenance done... One was "Backdraft", the other "Flashover". Both were owned by retired firefighters.

I left the yard pretty bummed that day, but later decided on "Megabyte" since I was the departments IT guy at the time.

Of course, with the internet and online forums like this one being what they are, the people I fish with knew me more by
my boat name than my real name, so the moniker just sort of stuck.

The rest, as they say... is history. :)
Backdraft and Flashover? That was it?

Aw c'mon Kevin,,, you gave up -way- too easily! 8)

You firefighters have a ton of neat tools with funky names for them :lol:

Stuff that doesn't exist in any other industry.

Bambi bucket, Halligan, quint, A-wagon, Drip Torch,...... Drip Torch? ...Kevin....the possiblities are endless! :)

It's too late for you to switch names now have too much history on the BBSs to change now....(unless someone's shootin' at 'ya)
Drip torch? Not touching that one bubba... :D

Before becoming a chief officer, I spent most of my time on the Ladder or Rescue Co, so "irons", "can-man",
"six-foot-hook", or "chain-saw" might have been good choices.

Later in the career, "loom-up", "all-hands (working)", or "prepare-to-make-rescue" might have worked.
Trouble is, most folks looking at it on the boat would just be saying... WTF :?:

Yea... I can see it now. "Water Thief" ! :lol:
Those look great! Can anyone please help me out with “Anna Bella”? I plan on putting a decal on each side of the pilothouse. I’ve been looking all over for the font and can’t find it anywhere. Dom