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Ranger Tim

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Feb 18, 2006
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Central Virginia
Wow! I visited my dealer today and saw a beautiful forest green 2530 on the lot. It's a used boat and they are selling her (brokering I guess). The boat is in great shape and has tons of cool stuff. I couldn't get the Admiral to spring for the extra change so I could bring her home!

Are these boats with colored hulls fairly common? I remember seeing one on the road once, but it may have been this one.

On another note, I hope this isn't interpreted as a sales promo for the folks at the dealership. I was there picking up my second helm bulkhead mount console. Now all I need is a steering pump and some cables and I'm ready for the install! I should be ready for next summer/fall. :D


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The manager of Mid Atlantic Marine (Virginia Jenkins) told me that the price would be somewhere in the mid 70's sans trailer. She also said that it was owned by a 70+ year old lady that had grown up around the water and loved the boat, but just didn't use it enough to justify keeping it. She paid over $100,000 two years ago for it, new. I didn't get on board to look at it, however the hull looks spotless except for a chip in the gel coat along the stem (usually the result of misalignment during power loading).

I just love the dark green color! Interesting how the bracket is green also. It appears to have never had anti fouling paint and I am not sure how many hours the F200's have on 'em. She did mention the boat has air conditioning along with all the galley options. I also noticed a windlass but a lack of rocket launchers.

As an aside, I bought two oil filters for my F150 for about $21 each. I had checked at Ed's Marine Superstore in Ashland (near my home) and they wanted over $31 for one! Ed's also charges $8.99 per quart of 4M Yamalube! :shock:
It's fun to go to Ed's and look at great prices on boats but DANG! their parts dept. is high.

Here is a couple more pic's of the lot at Mid Atlantic. I got so excited looking at so many brand new Parkers I didn't even notice the shrink wrapped Whoston Baler in the middle. Sacriledge, don't you think? :lol:

Definitely a shameless plug for my dealership, but they treat me so well they deserve it! Great folks and highly recommended.


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Ranger Tim, color depends on the dealer interest in bringing in one otherwise whether someone orders it colored.

I have a green '96 2530. One local dealer usually brings one in each year for the lot. Another near me never does.

I have some green ones in the water near me. I've seen a blue one. I've seen a black one.

Ranger Tim":2nhm79du said:
Is it Awlgrip or some such paint or is it in the gelcoat somehow?

Due to the model year, my guess is that she is colored gelcoat. Certainly pretty!

3 weeks ago I saw a black hulled 2520 sitting in front of a body shop in Havre de Grace, MD. Didn't have a camera with me, but she sure looked nice. That one was most probably painted by the body shop it was sitting in front of.

We don't see many colored hull Parkers in this area, so it's always a treat when one does show up.

Tim... nothing wrong with giving a good dealer an attaboy. :wink:
Here is one view from last year of green, I don't have a good side shot from this year.

Color is called Forest Green. For my vintage, gel coat was from Cooks Composite Products but Parker uses someone else now and I don't have it in front of me.

Colors take much more maintenance. This view is after waxing and off to launch. Need to wax the color more than oyster.



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I just purchased the 2510 in the photo from Mid-Atlantic. Thanks for the first pic!

Nice 2510. That is the new model with significantly different helm and captains chair pedestals. I believe it is the XL hull (16 deg) and the window frame is higher so you don't look right through the frame trying to drive. Many nice changes.