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Mar 22, 2006
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Franktown, Virginia 23354
I've ordered the Lee Jr. wishbone outrigger mount (OH226S) for my 2520. ... H226S.html

Now I'm trying to decide on what type of pole........ The manufacturer says for single and non-spreader poles 19 to 22 feet.

As I shop on the internet with no practical experience to decide what is best....... should I spend 1200 dollars for the single spreader..... or save a-lot on the non-spreader poles....

What is the advantage of the single spreader pole? I figure I would likely run two lines max from each pole....... much of the time I'd probably only run one line.

Thanks for your help.

Richard - Unless you are planning on pulling heavy lures at high speeds I don't think it is necesssary to have the spreaders. The spreaders are used to stiffen the poles when there is alot of drag on them. I generally pull two green machines from my roof mounted 16 foot extra strength poles without a problem.

Brad..... That is good to hear....

For the most part I would be trolling lures like green machines (big producers around here)

Richard - as many fisherman in my area say "if it aint' green don't bother" Seriously, I think the plain poles will be fine and less of a hassle putting up and taking down. If I recall you trailer your boat and therefore you will have to take the poles down. Maybe John from CT will chime in on this one.

PS - If you look at most of the go fast fish boats, they don't have spreaders on their T-top Etec or Rupp riggers.