Recommendation to repower 04' 25se with a single.

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Apr 10, 2024
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North Carolina
Acquired an 04' 25se with an ETEC 300. made it a whole 30 hours before powerhead went. Looking to repower and wanted to get anyone's input with options.


Have plate with single, NOT twins.

any experience sharing would be greatly appreciated.
Hands Down! Suzuki DF300AP This is the one with Fly by wire. You do NOT want the Dual Prop one...They have Bugs. It will bring a Smile to your face the 1st time your able to run it after break in. In fact before that due to being Extra - Extra quiet.
You will want a Suzuki 3 X 16 X 17 Prop.
Have plate with single, NOT twins.

This is a Plate....... Refereed to as a "JACK plate.


This is a Engine Bracket [Not refereed to as a plate] They are typically built out of alum... Some are Fiberglass. Parker used a company called "Stainless Marine" to supply them...But they are NOT stainless...They are alum. Latter on they used Armstrong engine brackets.