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It took place in late 80's when Linwood had some legal issues with a boat builder in the North that was using the same name for it's boats first. So he just named them Parker. I had one of the 23 Sou'Westers and it was made in 1983.

I even got Linwood to write a letter to the NC Wildlife Registration division to change the name to a Parker on that boat. It helped it sell a few years later.
my 18 is an 89 . it has parker on top then souwester under that . I believe that was the last year for both names. I may be wrong about that but from my looking at used boats I believe that is correct
There was a period of overlap in the names and logos.
First there was the Sou`wester...


Then there was a period where they were known as a Parker Sou`wester...
I've actually seen several variations of this logo. The other has the Parker logo on top, and a smaller version of the old Sou`wester logo underneath.


Then the logo just became the Parker logo we all know today.

pelagic2530":3q3rm9rp said:
nice rig i the last pic.. fire house boat? :D

Sheriffs Department.
Calvert Co. MD I believe... but don't hold me to that. :)
Love the motor on her! 8)
pelagic2530":pzg8b5ks said:
they apparently have good taste and an even better budget :D

Having a nuclear power plant on your county shoreline makes budgeting such items a little easier, but yes... they have good taste too. :)

Google 'CCNPP' :wink: