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Feb 23, 2006
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Sacramento ,California
I am looking for a remote control spot light to mount on my roof.
I have been looking at the ACR and the Guest Models. Any ideas what is best to use. They range from $200- 400+ .
Are they woth the money or should I just get a hand held one?
Hi Sea Hunter.
When I bought my 2520 MVSC I had the dealer install a remote guest spot light on the front/top of the cabin roof....If I had to do it over again I wouldn't. Too much glare off the bow and I should have known better, I was warned. Some have it mounted on the pulpit part of the bowrail if you have that but that causes docking issues or some else banging into it and kncoking the thing off. If I could turn back the clock, I'd just go with a handheld, not that I use it that often anyway. Hope that helps.
I had a top mounted lamp on my last boat. While I liked it, I feel a hand held is just as good and all the installation and cost wasnt warranted on my current boat. Generally you shouldnt run with a lamp on in the dark and only turn it on for a few seconds to locate a marker or other object. I went with a non rechargeable that I can hold for a bit without my arm falling off. I have 2 batteries on the boat so I dont really fear losing a power source. (plus I keep good batteries on the boat because my Opti needs a strong power supply). The rechargeable kind can get heavy after a few minutes and the charge really doesnt last all that long if you have a high candle-powert lamp. Just my opinion.
Steve, I have the ACR RCL-75 mounted on top of my PH roof. It is not glare free, but part of that is due to the upturned bow. (Should be much less of a problem on a Parker due to the nonskid cuddy roof and the lower bow).
One advantage of PH roof mounting is that it's possible to aim the spotlight farther backwards than 90 degrees withouit blinding the coxswain.

My preferred location would have been at the point of the bowrail (no glare on deck/cuddy roof), but it was going to be a royal pain to run the wiring.

Part of the mounting secret is to mount it as far back on the PH roof as possible....since your radar is mounted aft on an arch, you can go back a little further than I did (need to keep it forward of the interior rib in the roof to conceal the wiring).

Don't throw away either your self-contained or plug-in-the-lighter spotlights...they will still come in handy...
I have one of the Guest portables with a suction cup mount. I stuck it to the top of the Raymarine radome while at the CBBT in Nov. Worked OK, most of the time, until it got rough and the pounding knocked the suction cup loose.

This spring, I'm going to glue the mount to the top of the radome with 5200, and ditch the suction cup.
I'll have to take some pictures for you guys, but I took a GoLight and mounted the quick-detach base to a piece of starboard that has clamps on it. I fastens this to the end of the pulpit rail, with a bungee cord for added security.

In use, it only takes seconds to put the light onto the base and then run the wire lead back to the helm via the opening starboard forward window. Works slick! As it is, I'd guess that light or conditions where I need account for 5% of my total boating use. Yeah, it takes a minute or two to setup, but I get ZERO glare from the hardtop or rails. If I think I might need it, say I'm running around late in the day, I'll put the rail base up there and keep the light handy in the helm cabin.

One tip ... the motor panning speed on these models are a little too fast for my liking, so I simply added in a resistor on the load side of the motor wiring ... presto - all set :) !

Not bad for a $100 searchlight! And with ZERO glare ... priceless :D !

I've had a Jabsco 135SL spotlight on a 2530 for about 4 years now. It is a low cost light, very common on boats. Too much glare off bow rail.

Not the best light for glare. As others said, Go Light is a good choice.

Here is the way I rigged my ACR RCL-75 on top. I have a Radar and had a local shop build this bracket for me. After playing with the height to get the glare away from the rails etc this is what I came up with and the radar blocks all the glare. If you don't have a radar you'll need to push it back until all light is blocked by your top. this one works great for me and plenty brite.


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For the life of me ... I cannot figure out why no searchlight Mfr'r makes a "cone" to go over the lens portion that would restrict any glare.

OK, OK ... yes, it would look like hell ...
During my part-time employment at West Marine, a customer had me order a GoLight for him.. when I read the specs I was impressed and ordered one for my boat. Lots of power and a great design that lets it turn about 380 degrees. Very sturdy and reliable.
Here's a photo of a part I had made a few years ago to raise the height of a Jabsco spotlight on the hardtop to cut down on the glare.

Hard to see but I also had a bill that could be spun forward at night or aimed back in day to help hide downward glare.



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