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Boyz Toy

Dec 14, 2006
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Point Pleasant, NJ
I'm thinking of adding some additional tackle storage to my Parker 21SE. My thought was to add one of the modular storage systems that holds Plano-style boxes. I was thinking of installing it in the console either on the port side or in the front of the console behind my flip-up seat cushion. Anybody ever "tackle" a job like this and have any suggestions or brands they've used?

Thanks for the help.

Happy Holidays!
I'm having a tackle storage problem on my 2510. Have drawn up plans for a tackle station and cut the plywood. Will take pics of the assembly and installation. It won't fit your model, but may give you some ideas.
In a word ... eBay. I'll also see if we can get TomS to chime in here as he had bought a unit from Teak Isle, as shown below, but ended up not mounting it for some reason in his 21' deep-V CC console.

I bought one for $60 on eBay that looks similar, but uses just (4) of the 3700-type containers, rather than the 2 deep ones. This has a starboard faceplate, but the rest was a composite plastic construction. Teak Isle units are very well made, but heavy ... I bet approaching 30 pounds or more for an unit when empty. When mounted, I would think the back or bottom would need some support to minmize flexing of the face-plate mountinf system.

also click here to see another brand as sold on eBay.
Pork - Dale,

Thanks for the response .

Dale - The one on e-Bay is similar to what I've been looking at. The smaller one I think is better suited for my boat. I don't plan to store anything heavy in it such as weights or lead-head jigs. I'll use it for hooks, plugs, rubber baits and terminal tackle. I like the flexibilty of those systems because I can change out the box for the type of fishing I'll be doing as the season goes on.

Pork - I assume you're going to glass that in somehow?

Happy Holidays!
I got a six drawer tackle station that I got from a place in FLA, took out the useless porta pottie and put it in the birth.

i'll try and find a pic of it tonight and post it up.
Try finaddictmarine in Eastern NC. These guys make custom starboard stuff to your specs, and do a beautiful job.

They made me a 3 drawer tackle cabinet. Weatherstripped drawers, no need for a bothersome "cover panel". You can spec the drawer sizes and overall size. Drawers have polished stainless locking ring pulls. They also match Parker gel-coat.
When i had my 21SE, I made a pine box with a lid and rope handles that I dropped down below the seat in front of the console. The box was approximately just slightly smaller than the cutout of the seat opening. I put a divider in the box, and one side held like 7 plano boxes, and I left the other side open for bulkier items. I put rubber feet on it and it never moved. Just another idea I thought I would share with you.
I'm having a tackle storage problem on my 2510. Have drawn up plans for a tackle station and cut the plywood. Will take pics of the assembly and installation. It won't fit your model, but may give you some ideas.

Take some good pics and notes, I could use something on my 2510 too.

CC Parker......Thanks for the reply. I already use the space under my seat forward of the console and under the main portion of the console. Under my main console I have two milk crate-style containers which hold a wide range of items including all my safety gear and life jackets (two adult, two child) and other items. Under the seat forward of my cosole two more crates contain much of my trolling gear - bunker spoons, outrodders, safety lines, trolling drails, etc. I use the two boxes under the flip-up lids on either side of the stern for some storage of small gear since they already contain my batteries and oil tank. The tackle storage I want to add would be for additional storage of light items such as terminal tackle, small plugs, bucktails, etc.

Thanks for your input!

Happy Holidays!
Here's one I got from FLA...sitting in the place of the portapottie.

Parker23WA is that the normal trailer you use?

Look's like the bunk;s stop 3ft short of the transom?
That's the way the dealer set it up and it trailers fine.

I keep it at the marina 99% of the time anyway - I only trailer it in case of a hurricane evacuation.

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