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Feb 24, 2006
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Sol Cal
Hi all, I installed the TD today, it was easy except tighting the top nut, had to get an angle pipe wrench out of the truck, the rubber washer is a little hokey, but I put it on anyways, if that rubber washer failes, major problems, but it should not for many years as long as it is not submerged in salt water, I am posting pictures of the job, they are not labled, but you guys will understand ! if anybody has any ? feel free to ask away !
I tried uploading all the pics but it will only let me upload these !


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Dave, There is no faring block. The compensation angle is built-in.
Here is what the 'ducer looks like before it is installed.


Nice job Tara!
No Fairing block , here are more pics !


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Had to use this wrench !


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I put the boat back in the water yeasterday, can not tell you it works, to windy to head out, maybe next weekend, but no leaks :)
FishFactory":2uh5ujr3 said:
How thick is the plug?

Another question:

Is there a warning/info with the Airmar tilted element instructions about mounting it in front of or in the path of prop or other thru hull (live well pickup)? Cavitaiton problems?
I spoke to parker and Airmar and the guy who sold it to me to find out the perfect place to put it ! I have two motors and they are counter roatating, so I put it where they told me to and am not sure what you mean by plug !
He's talking about the cut out piece of the hull in the pix. How thick is it?

Putting one of these X-ducer's in front of suff will not hurt thing. It only stick's out past the hull 3/16in.
tara11":3ojd20bd said:
About a half inch, maybe 5/8 max, solid fiberglass !

WHAT, solid fiberglass ?!

No foam, balsa, cork, tree leaves, grass trimmings ?

Imagine a fiberglass boat built of.......FIBERGLASS !

:D :D :D

Thanks for the reply, WartHog, I'm wantin' one of those tilted elements real bad. Only negative I hear of is limited to 600watts. I'll not be in more that 200' or so of water, so, does it matter?

I think Tara fishes deep WC water, maybe a report from him later.
As soon as I head out fishing I will report, hopefully next weekend !
FishFactory":1xrscbon said:
I'm wantin' one of those tilted elements real bad. Only negative I hear of is limited to 600watts. I'll not be in more that 200' or so of water, so, does it matter?

It should not matter at all.
You'd be fine with half that much power in 200' of water.
600 should do you very well.
cool site !

Kevin in your first post did you say if the rubber washer fail major problems ?

i dont see it being any problem at all, the 5200 used will keep water from leaking in...I also recently installed one and didnt use the rubber washer as it was getting "cocked" to one side when i was tighten it down. ... 2323sovmAE

good luck with it
Have not used it yet, the weather gods are working against me right now ! but summer is comming ! and it does have temp !

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