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Mar 5, 2006
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Fall River, MA
Just gave a quick look at the redesigned 2510. The boat has a more modern appearance due to the flow of the side windows, They are now rounded instead of angular and the frame is color matched to the gel coat. Two other major changes I noticed, two minor changess. Major: A transom design silmilar to the 2520 and 2820, a deep "fish box" in the center, with the 2 smaller boxes on either side thus making for an improved look and better functionality. A dash with space to flush mount electronics. Minor: reccessed trim tabs, and a 30 gallon livewell under the passenger seat. IMO Parker has addressed a few less than perfect set-ups to create a better machine.
My opinion of the new 2510 is the new dash is great, but my lowrance lcx-104c is flush mounted in the old design and with the over head box I have room for a Radar, Stereo and VHF out of the way and dry. I wondered by looking at the pictures what the new dash caused in the cabin as far as what room below has been taken up for the wiring, etc. As far as the new glass I have gotten used to looking under or over the metal frame and thought long and hard about giving up the vent on each side on those hot days or the over head box just for that.
The live well is a funny thing because when I bought mine the guys at Parker told me they DID NOT recommend turning the storage under the seat into a live well and that I should place a factory unit on the deck of the cockpit. Well, I convinced the dealer into doing it for me and it worked out great. That was in 2004.
The new transom is the one and only thing I would love to have! I never even use the small box in the old design for fish because it is only big enough for a drink (beer) box. However, the old design has enough room for my 125 qt icey-tek and a fish bag laid across the swim platform if I get so lucky that I need them both.

There is NO perfect boat, BUT if Parker would just build a 2810 with the new transom it would be as close to perfect as they could get FOR ME. The parkers are one of the few boats you can buy and then customize the way you want it without jeopardizing the warrantee or structure if you keep it intact.