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Feb 16, 2006
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Newbury, MA
Since those of us "up north" have had to pull our boats :( , I'm curious what type of use you got this year?

I put 131 hours on the motor and 1200 miles ... Hmmmmmmmm, must been trollin' for toona ;)
I've spent far too much time on business travel to CA this year. I only put about 80 hours on the motors so far this season...but I'm not done until the first week of Jan, maybe later if I can get off the VA/NC coast.
Finally a post my anal log keeping can appreciate!

Pulled the boat on 10/14/2006 - final numbers for the season:

185 hours
672.7 gallons of gas
1587 nm
1825 miles
68 trips on my boat

19 trips on other people's boats
24 shore trips (including early season shad)

67 trips solo
46 trips w/ friends

Total time fishing (boat & shore trips): 329 hours
Total stripers caught: 595
Total tuna caught: 5 (all < 47" keeper size, including two leadered and lost boatside)

A pretty good season overall, considering I lost the first two weeks due to the great Mother's Day storm of 2006 which wiped out my marina. Didn't put the boat in until May 31.

-- Tom
TomS":pz9zuk2p said:
Finally a post my anal log keeping can appreciate!

Geeze...! I thought my log was detailed, but it's nothing like yours! :shock:

I'll review my log, and post some rough numbers when she comes out for the season in early December. :wink:
Megabyte":21ea319w said:
TomS":21ea319w said:
Finally a post my anal log keeping can appreciate!

Geeze...! I thought my log was detailed, but it's nothing like yours!
Yup, TomS is THE king of fishing logs ... which might just explain why he outfishes just about everyone on his native waters ...
Sheesh! I just put in for my first trip since March last Tuesday! I hope to add another 150 hours to the log this winter.


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TomS":2677e4so said:
Finally a post my anal log keeping can appreciate!...
-- Tom

Holy Data definately keep good records. I tried, and did OK for the first season. After that the fishing overcame my anal-retentive nature to write down facts and figures. :D :D :D
I haven't had the boat out since football started, for me that is Aug.1st. I coach at CNU. I hope to get a couple of trips for rock fish when the college season is over. :D
Baby, Fire, regime change at work.... I have only put 96 hours on her this year. However, I am hoping to rack em up over the next 6-7 weeks..
I've spent more hours working on my boat that actually using it....and it wasn't even supposed to be a project. :(
I coach football as well, although not at the college level. It has been a short boating season for me between coaching baseball, football, and a health issue or two. I believe I logged about 50 hours, with another 50 at the dock. Next year should be different...
I didn't even get my Parker until early August, so my numbers aren't very helpful. Historically, I put 100 - 120 hours on during the season.

Tom, by your numbers, your average length of trip is a little over two hours. Is that right?

That is correct. Most of my trips are before work during the week. I live ~5 mins from the marina and the fishing grounds are 10mins away.

EDIT: For most of the year, I am usually drifting while fishing. ie Drift a stretch of water with the tide (I am fishing an estuary) then start the engine back up and run upcurrent to repeat the drift. As the season progresses I tend to fish more outside the mouth of the estuary, so I will run the boat a bit more to get to/from the fishing grounds, and will typically do more searching around once I get there.

-- Tom

Nice! I thought I was handy in Marblehead! My biggest constraint is that I have to bring the boat to the dock the night before if I am going out before 8:00 in the morning when the launches start running.

I don't log my hours, just my fishing info. I do have an hour meter though and I have 830 hours in 3.5 years on this boat, so I'm averaging 240 hours per year. I don't do any trolling so my running is 95% at a cruise speed that weather will allow, so if I averade maybe 20 nmph then that would be 4800 nm per year. I bottom fish for grouper, snapper, etc. so we are anchored for most of a fishing day. We fish from 10 - 40 miles out and sometimes venture out to 80+ for an overnighter.

Our best grouper fishing is just getting started and should last through the first of the next year. It gets pretty windy this time of year with the cold fronts moving through but the fishing is great when you can get out there. If you northern brothers get cabin fever before the ice melts, come see us.
About 75 hrs. May to mid-Oct. Been about 100 hr last couple yrs.

Shared ride more this year, more hanging in small groups to cut fuel costs, more rafting instead of long cruising. And other big reason was wife watching things like a hawk!!