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Want to buy a 2320 sport cabin

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I don't want to come across as a smart ars,
But good luck finding a used one !!!
But try yachtworld.com
LOTS of 25 fters there !!!
I am selling my 2005 2320 and looking to move up to something bigger. Here is a link to the site where it is listed complete with pics:

http://www.allcoastsportfishing.com/for ... 5436&page=

Check out my 2320sl jusy posted yesterday. Pull up post and follow directions. You will not be dissapointed. captained. I guarantee a cleaner rig will not be found at this price!
A reasonably priced used 2320 is hard to find--particularly if you want a bracket. I looked for a long time and ended up breaking down and buying a 2520. For what it's worth, I'm now glad. The 2320 seems perfectly sized, and I wanted it on the theory (usually true) that a smaller boat gets used more. But I've been amazed at how easy my 2520 is to handle with the rear station. It's the easiest boat to dock I've ever owned, and I've had several boats with twins. I often take it out for just an hour if that's all the time I have, by myself. Other boats I've owned I would do a calculus in my head about whether a short trip would really be worth the hassle and stress of getting it in and out of the slip. So I'm not knocking the 2320--it's an elegantly sized boat. But a little more space is a good thing too, when your sister in law decides to bring her kids along. And if you're shying away from the 25 because you think it might be too much of a hassle I'd urge you to try one. I've been very pleasantly surprised.
Fair enough. But the 2520DVs aren't as different as the mod-Vs. I've always liked, and almost bought, this one:

http://www.thehulltruth.com/forums/thre ... 71&posts=1

The 2320 above is lovely but he wants $55 for it, which was way out of my budget. Maybe a fair price, but that's my point--it's a lot harder to find a screaming bargain on a 2320.
This 2320 XT has been advertised for 15500.00 when first listed then for 18500.00 and 17500.00 no trailer. I considered this boat back in Sept. ,but business went south already back then.So I will stick with my Sisu. I have a survey on this 2320 XT, if anyone is interested. I also have a trailer avail. J.Michael
thats interesting. ive seen a few of those around, there was one in Indian River Bay a few years back, but i not sure where it went off too... i would thing that an XC 2330 would be really cramped in the cockpit. i know my pits noticably smaller than my buddy's 2520, so i would imagine you would have maybe the equivelent of a 2120 pit on that boat. pretty cool though, i bet its a rocket ship with the twin 150s!
I looked at this extended 23 in NC before I bought my 2520. I see it's still for sale. Cool boat, but the cockpit is pretty small. It still feels bigger than a 2120 (in part because the motor's on a bracket), but just the wrong balance for us given how we'll use it and the mid-Atlantic weather. Someone should buy it and move it to the NW or Alaska.

If you are serious about the best used 2320 sport cabin under warranty till 2012 including a new trailer call 215-528-3505 and leave your phone number for Captain Ed. Read the posting three away from yours!! Excellent boat Awesome price. Call!!!!!You will not find a better deal anywhere!!!
Capt. Ronnie":2z63uibh said:
I don't want to come across as a smart ars,
But good luck finding a used one !!!
But try yachtworld.com
LOTS of 25 fters there !!!
l Read post 2320 with trailer Capt Ed.