What boat--if you had to do it all over again?

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Feb 24, 2006
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Solomons Island, MD
I love my 2510--especially at the CBBT in the winter when I can add the full enclosure.

However, as I've migrated to more and more fly fishing, I'm begining to drool over a 23 DV CC.

If I knew what I know now, I probably would have gone with the 23.

If you had to do it all over again, which Parker would you get, and why?
I have the 2510 Mod V. I would go with same boat but deep V with a F250.

I must say the 23CC with a bracket and the F250 is sweet.
Not quite a parker again but If I knew my wife was going to spend all my money on remodeling two of our bathrooms and the kitchen this spring, I would have lobbied harder for the Judge 27. Very similar to my boat but the pilothouse has a little more headroom, the deck has more aggressive nonskid, and is overal finished a little nicer. Plus, as you know, Judge is a local builder. I would have liked to support him. He builds one sexy boat...

I still do look at the 2320sl and think hmmmm sometimes as well. All in all, I am not going to complain. For the money, i feel confident I picked the best value for my family. (I only bought the boat in July after all)
I have a 2520 DV with single Suzuki 250 Four Stroke. I can honestly say that I would make the same purchase if I were doing it again.
My first choice was a Luhrs 250 Open with twin inboard 350s (or twin 170 Yanmars). However, the wife liked the Grady better, so that's what we ended up with...and I'm very happy with it.
C'mon guys we all know what we would do.
2820 w/Tower for offshore
2300 DVCC w/ trailer for traveling
1801 CC just for fun
If we are going back to do it lets do it right. :wink:
The new 2520XLD w/twin 200's or 150's. Alittle more deadrise 21 vs. 16 than my XL and the extra speed and security of twins. I'm happy with my XL but those two things would make it perfect.
If a Parker:
25 footer with deep-V hull, minimum 250 hp on the stern or two 150hps

If Other:
Same as RaiderRon ... downeast at least 28' with big diesel inbord, minimum 20 knot cruise
I love the downeasters, too. I search the web in the winter just looking at and researching them. Alot of the used ones i've seen are in pretty rough shape and the others are out of my price range. I know they'll go through about anything at that slow cruise, but on a bluebird day it would be hard to be happy with a 17kt. cruise speed.
Lets see,,,,

Bigger?,,, Naw, right now I only need 7.5 ft overhead clearance (with antenna and flag down) which allows me to pass under the two bridges that are my gateway to Massachusetts Bay without waiting for an opening on 90% of the days that I go out. :)

Faster? Naw, the 225 OX 66 gets me up on a plane in a wink, and sips gas. At $2.50/gal+ this summer I’ll be fine with a single…. 8)

More deadrise? Naw, three fully-clad divers can sit on the port gunnel without launching the stbd gunnel skyward.

More Upholstered seats (finish)? Naw, We’re wet most of the time, and 100sqft of open dance floor is perfect for waltzing our gear around.

I’m thinking that the one thing I would do differently if I had to do it all over again,, is that I should have bought a Parker about 10 years ago!

stonebuster":31nmdwxu said:
I love the downeasters, too. I search the web in the winter just looking at and researching them. Alot of the used ones i've seen are in pretty rough shape and the others are out of my price range.

I did that two years ago and wound up with your MVSC! :shock:
With all the towing I do and the fly fishing and light tackle, I have topped out with my 23 SE. I do wish they would up the sticker on it to go up to the F-250. The F225 does a good job but I would go with the F250 if available. I would also get a trailer with as much aluminum and SS on it as possible.

I just came in from crawling under my 2 year old galvanized trailer replacing some of the rusted U bolts. I also found more that need replaced.

All of you who are drooling over the 23' DV Parkers make sure you spend some serious time on them. I have two friends who bought 23 DV CC's and both moved to 23 SE's and prefer them. The one guy said the day he bought the 23 DV and stepped on the gunwale, he know by the way the boat dipped down he would not own it long. I do not care what anyone else buys, but things are not always what they seem. Try before you buy.
I'd get the same boat I have - 21SE with 150 Yamaha.
It's perfect for me. I can go offshore to fish for king mackeral, dolphin (Mahi), snapper, grouper, tuna, sails,
or get up in the shallow creeks and flats to catch puppy drum, speckled trout, flounder,
fish the inlets for bluefish, spanish mackeral, cobia....
And I can do it all by myself when I don't have anyone to go with me.
Ok... I'll play along, even though I love the boat that I have. :D

If a Parker

A 2530 or (better yet) a 2830 with a jackshafted 315hp Yanmar diesel mated to a Volvo composite duoprop... or the same motor as a straight inboard with a bow thruster.

If not a Parker

It depends on if I've just won the lottery or not.
In no particular order...

The Judge 27 Chesapeake would certainly get a serious look... and it is available with a diesel too. :wink:

Moving up to the larger deadrises... the Evans 42 would certainly get a look.


...as would a Markley, Chesapeake Yachts, or a Robbins 40 by Mathews Brothers.


If money were not a concern, I'd have a custom built Chesapeake Bay deadrise in the 46' range with a single diesel, a bow thruster, large tankage, and outfitted for long range cruising.

Or... I'd have one of these. :D
A 47 Nordhavn.


I'd probably have a Parker 1801 as a tender though. :D
I'd love a Parker 2520XL with twin f150's. But I am pretty comfortable with the compromise I made for price.

One of the Whaler guys on my old site had a Mathews Patriot I think? I think his handle was pxrmid... Yeah I could handle his boat. :wink:

I'd love a classic Whaler Montauk, My 2520, A Mathews, one of those psycho crazy-ass fishing-outfitted kayaks, a classic 31 Bert, a Grady, A MARITIME SKIFF 23PATRIOT, an Intrepid, a BW 320 Outrage-cuddy, a nice 50 foot trawler wit lots of teak, a Bayliner CIERA, a Kawasaki waverunner, a classic wooden canoe, a vintage Sears canoe as well, A crazy zodiac rib with a pilothouse on it, one of dem dere aluminumumum boats from Black Lab, A Maycraft CC, a 26' Regulator, a 23' Contender, and a sunfish.


Post edit: my post just reminded me of the Johnny Cash song : One Piece at a Time. I don't know why.
ParkerSal":1qpr28wg said:
One of the Whaler guys on my old site had a Mathews Patriot I think? I think his handle was pxrmid... Yeah I could handle his boat. :wink:

I don't believe that this is it, but I do believe this is either a Mathews Patriot or a Judge. I shot this photo in his creek last year before (I think) he got his new boat. VERY nice! :wink:

I'm "toppped out" with a 23CC DV. Someday I hope to cruise the ICW to the Keys and need to "borrow" a 28 cabin Parker for about 1 year!

Any loaners around? :)