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Nov 26, 2006
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Northern VA.
Anybody have any experience with Powerwinch Windlasses? Specifically I'm looking at the Powerwinch Class 31 for my Parker 2310 WA.
We installed that exact model on our 2520 and have been very please with it - it is a freefall windlass. Just be aware that it will not fit between the cleats on the pulpit like the Horizon model installed at the factory. We made a 3" base out of 4 pieces of 3/4" starboard to "extend" the pulpit and mount the Powerwinch 31 flush with the pulpit.
Powerwinch is the low man on the totem pole.

They do not come with a good reputation. I've seen more complaint's out of their product's than any other.

Glad jpg1969 is working well for him.
I have a Powerwinch 31 on my 2530 and am very pleased with it.

I originally installed the old Powerwinch 30 on my boat. After two seasons of walking up to the front to free jammed rode or to put additional pressure on the rode because the gypsy didn't catch the rode well, in addition to sending it in for repairs, I was real unhappy with Powerwinch. I finally sent it back to the manufacturer for a second needed repair; broken gears again. I spoke with Powerwinch about the problems I had and told them how unhappy I was with their product. The customer service rep admitted that the Powerwinch 30 had several design and manufacturing flaws. Two of them being a poorly designed gypsy and plastic gears.

Their customer service was good and for $200, they upgraded me to a Powerwinch 31. It would have been much better if they would have upgraded me for free.

That was three years ago. I've had three years of trouble free use with the 31 model. The retrieve is quick and the free fall is great. I use it often for inshore wreck fishing and anchoring up while swimming. And I'm not babying this windlass. Its hard frequent use.

Depending on where you're shopping, make sure you don't get the old Powerwinch 30. Make sure its the newer 31.
I have a Powerwinch windlass 46 class on my 2520. I have had a lingering problem with this unit since I got it. Friends of mine have had various other problems with their Powerwinch Windlasses also. I got a rebuilt unit from Powerwinch 2 years ago,It is very strong but if you wind it in too far and pull the chain up too tight then the (spinoff gear )in the winch won't release and let the anchor freefall next time you try and drop it. I don't know if other brand windlasses have the same problem with the gear locking up and not freefalling. Powerwinch has worked with me as far as trying to help,but still same problem..I just sent the winch back and they gave me a free rebuild,it's working fine but I make sure I don't wind the chain up tight. I would look around and ask more questions like you are doing before I decided on a powerwinch or any other windlass.
I have the Lewmar 500 (OEM install) and it has worked well for 7 years. I jammed a gear when I put too much pressure on it at the CBBT one winter (high current, high wind, and high waves, and forgot to tie off the rode to the cleat). I bought a second unit and installed it. It has been flawless. I rebuilt the broken unit and will use it as a spare if I ever need it.

I have a Powerwinch on the trailer and it works well. However, I've heard a lot of unsavory things about using a Powerwinch as a windlass for the boat anchor.