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Nov 26, 2006
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Northern VA.
Is the Lewmar Horizon 500G the stock Windlass Parker installs at the factory? Looking at one for my 2310WA. Will this one fit between the cleats on the pulpit?
Dabbie... Forum member Porkchunker did a series of posts in the 'Projects' area related to his windlass. I think his posts may answer all of your questions.

Open the 'Search' tool at the top of the page, and search in the 'Projects' area using the keyword 'windlass', with an author of 'Porkchunker'.

I just did the search myself, but the URL doesn't retain the search parameters or I'd have pasted it here as a link. :(
The Lewmar Horizon 500 was the OEM windlass. However, Lewmar bought out Simpson Lawrence, discontinued the Horizon line, and appears to have adopted the SL models.

You can get a good deal on e-bay for the Horizon, but realize that it is now out of production, and can't be sure how long parts will be available.
Thanks Guys. Porkchunker, that's what I was looking at, one on eBay. Good buy but parts could be an issue. You headed down to the CBBT anytime soon?
I'm done with CBBT for this year. Boat is at the dealer getting an annual service and winterization. Soon it will be under a winter cover.

I'm going to delay breaking it out from its winter slumber because I have a wooden boat that is upside down on the trailer right now getting some keel damage repaired and ready for painting.


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I'll give you some after the fact tip's on what your doing there Porkchunker.

When you do a layup like that. Go ahead and wipe it in with fairing compound while the glass is green.

Yes it will not be near as smooth as we like due to the tape edges. No matter.

As you start to sand it will cut those edges down, but you not sanding on most of the glass, just the fairing compound.

This saves a sanding step.

Lay the glass, sand the glass, lay the fairing compound, sand the fairing compound, do a final wipe of fairing compound and sanding fairing compound again.


Lay the glass and wipe with fairing compound, sand, wipe with fairing compound again and sand.
Thanks for the tip.

After the layup was cured, I washed with soap & water to get rid of the amine blush, then wiped with acetone. I only sanded off the high points, then washed and wiped with acetone again before troweling in the fairing compound.

Next time I do a layup, I try your method. I know a green resin will provide a chemical bonding to the next layer (which is how I applied the 4 layers to the keel). I just never thought of doing it between the last layer of the layup and the fairing compound.