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Mar 9, 2024
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I'm a new Parker owner. I had the option of ordering a new 18se or taking a 2023 1801 cc. I was skeptical of the new liner construction used in the 18se. I went with the 1801. Fishing is my number 1 priority.

Anyone have a sense of where the company is headed? Are they going to be another Key West? I chose Parker because they are supposed to be rugged, no nonsense fishing boats. Are things changing?
They're still staying pretty no nonsense. New 18SE switched to no-wood, new hull with two strakes (hoping it's dryer now), inner liner, deeper gunwales, larger storage box in the bow and a higher console. It's less roomy now but a lot of improvements otherwise.
I think you made the right choice.

Everything I’ve seen with the new two-piece Parker models has been a disappointment. I’ve yet to see any improvement over the old models with the new ones. You may end up with one of the most valuable 1801s that exists; the last ones before they were turned into garbage production boats.
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Or the opposite. As a fan of the 1801, I don't see the new boat as Parker's demise. You're a bit dramatic.
I was on some new Parker’s at the west palm beach boat show. They have changed. From my first impression and a detailed walk through, they didn’t seem to have the robust construction of the past. Are they as durable as past model? Only time will tell. My gut and many years of working in boats inclines me to say the areas of the boats which take the most use and abuse will not last as long.