Cheap PROJECT 25ft Parker Pilothouse

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Looks like that poor girl was rode hard for a 1997 model. :shock:
OUCH! I always hate it when these Parker salvage shots come up :(

It's like seeing photos of abused racehorses or something. :(

Why would they need a spray rail aft?
And,the two empty eyesockets up in the bow, are those "searchlights"? Haven't seen that too often on Parkers.
Shoot...I'de take the project on in a heartbeat. :)

But when my wife found out, it would be my last heartbeat. :D
I agree with all that's been said.

The same type of person that treated her that way usually doesn't have respect for most things in life :( . Whether it's about boats,etc., animals,or humans.....this type of guy is just a user. In my opinion, also a loser :roll:

That would be a canidate to cut up and modify another boat.

Making another Parker longer or adding a Pilothouse to a boat that didn't have one.

Rebuilding that boat you would be way upside down on investment. I can hear the cash register ringing. Ca-ching $ --- Ca-ching $.