Installing a raw water washdown on 2520

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Dec 9, 2006
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Middle Georgia
I am installing a raw water washdown on my transom mount 2520 We are putting the pump in the box under port side rear seat cushion. I don't want to bore a hole in the hull for the water intake. Anyone got any other ideas on a water intake?
I don't want to bore a hole in the hull for the water intake. Anyone got any other ideas on a water intake?

A hose running down the outside of the transom to a pickup looks really crappy.

So my advise would be if you are afraid of a hole in your hull, forget the whole thing and get a 3 1/2gal bucket.

Dual port livewell pump.


The lower port from the livewell pump feeds the wasgdown pump.



Just to give another option, you 'could' use hardpipe to put a run down the back of the transom. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ...
pelagic2530":xo7mqg6w said:
Grit your teeth, cut it, and put a GOOD thru hull, stainless hose clamps in doubles, and quality hose on it. you can also have a dealer cut the hole if you have extreme hull-cut-itis :)

Put a bronze thru hull with a sea cock !!!
For what it's worth, this is what the factory installed in 1996.
Still working just fine, tho I'll admit it doesn't get used much.




Thanks for the response and the pictures you have some very clean compartments that these pumps are pictured in. My Brother and I are thinking more on Dale's idea on running a hard pipe keeping as clean a look as we can. But anymore ideas are welcome. This is a great website for assistance. I will include pics when finished.
Is the warranty effected by an owner drilling a hole in the bottom? I'm going to put a wash down in my 1801 sometime and I wasn't sure if it would be a problem.