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Feb 24, 2006
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Sol Cal
Thought I would post a pic of my tower I had made, yeasterday I installed the antennas on the top, the only bummer is that only one side of the tube can take wires, and the antennas I bought came a certian way and had to leave part of the connection on to the radio and could not get both wires through, so had to run one outside , but , probally cannot notice !


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Tara, That tower is sick, do you also have a life raft mounted on the roof?
I want to do the same thing on my 25", is there enough room for your feet while you are in the tower when the raft is mounted? If it is not too much hassle, could you post a pic of the roof configuration?
What size raft do you have, I currently have a 6 man, I think it is too big. Whare did you have the tower made?
Thanks for the info, sweet looking boat.

I got the tower made in Oceanside, it is made by the guy that makes the towers for Parker here on the west coast, I saved alot by deraling with him directly, I had him make it , and drove down and put it in the back of my truck and mounted myself, I have a 4 man zodic life raft, and there is plenty of room for your feet, I will post some pics after Xmas, we are heading out to Catlina on Tuesday to do some hoopin and fishing, looks like we will get a break in the winds !
Thanks for the come back, can't wait for the pics. What is the name and number of the tower guy in O-side? I'm ready to pull the trigger, I already got a quote from Pacific Yacht Tower, but wouldn't mind another.
Does the zodiac 4 man come with the hard case and bracket?
The life raft came with the hard case, but had to by the mounting bracket, I got it from Jim at BOE marine, he is a good guy and will help you any way he can !
Mariner Interprises
245 Bent Ave, STA2
San Marcos, Calif, 90278
He has a web site, do not know the address
He make the towers for the parkers , he will be a better price than PYT, I think !
This is his web address !