repairing/resurfacing aft deck on my 25 1990 Parker

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Feb 18, 2006
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Danversport, MA
Thanks for sharing this with us Daniel. Some great info here, especially application rates of the paint etc..

How "agressive" is the non-skid you applied? By that I mean, is it tough to walk on in bare feet, or is it OK on the feet, and more like a pebble-grain on a football?

Any before/after photos?

Thanks again, this adds another volume to the Classic Parker Library.
Daniel and Bobby... Thanks for sharing your experience with non-skid!

It has been reported here before that while the cockpit of the Parkers have a very nice agressive non-skid (mine is a 1996 model), the floor of the pilothouse can be slicker than snot when wet. :shock:

I'd like to paint a non-skid on my pilothouse floor, but since I can't scrub and hose the pilothouse like I can the 'pit, I need something that will keep me from slipping, but can also be cleaned fairly easilly.

OK... I'm a neat freak and wipe down the p-house floor after every sortie, so I need to find a balance between ease of cleaning, and not breaking an ankle... :)

I'm interested in Daniels product because it sounds like you can add just the amount of non-skid that you want.
I like Bobbys product because it looks bitchin. :wink:

Good post! :D

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