Value of a year 2000 Parker 21SE

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Feb 15, 2016
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I'm trying to determine a fair price for a year 2000 Parker 21SE with a same year 175 Yamaha 2stroke engine. No T-top but otherwise everything appears to be in good condition. Also need separate value for a good condition dual axle trailer of the same year. Thanks for any help with this question.
The J.D. Power website says a Parker 21SE with 175 hp is Low Retail $7,800 and Average Retail $8,910. Then they say add $625 to $705 for the trailer. These numbers seem way too low to me. I don't see any 21SE's for anywhere near these prices so where do they get them. Maybe it's "Artificial Intelligence".
It typically is to low for what they Actually sell for. Banks will use it for lending purposes.... IE: will Only lend that much. Speaking of lending..... Banks will not lend on a boat over 10yrs old. What part of the country make a World of difference in price.