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This is what I have at my helm of my 05’ 2520xlSC. I love the ride. I’m looking for another, upholstered the same way, to put in the co-pilot position. However, because of the cabinet changes the new seat wouldn’t b on a seaspension post. That’s ok, these seats have extra thick padding. Obviously these weren’t the original ones. They were purchased from Parker.

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That’s a spectacular looking wheel house, wow…..👍👍
Sorry, I cant remember the name of the seat. When I ordered those Bentley seats, I was on the phone talking to the salesman. I was kind of telling what I was looking for and the dimensions. He told me that they had just designed a new seat and it sounded like what I was after. He sent me email photos and I ordered the color I wanted. That was almost 3 years ago. If I remember correctly, they will ad a bolster to any of their seats.
The people there are very helpful and nice. If you call them, you can send my photo. They will know what seat it is. Just seatrailed the boat last week. The seats are a total game changer! Very well built and comfortable.
I just looked through my old email and came across this. The seat is the black seat on the bottom.


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I think Pelagic is looking for more comfort, but in the interest of idea sharing, I will throw this out there.

You folks with the 25 and the extra beam may not notice it, but I agree that the arms get in the way on the 23s, especially when trying to access the storage under the throttle.
It is sitting on seaspension pedestal and I ended up buying an additional base for the locking feature. All in, I think it was about 250 bucks.

The thread, if interested:

Thread 'Finished pilothouse seat' Finished pilothouse seat

I checked the bottom of my factory Parker "deluxe Captain's chair," but there are no manufacturer markings that I could see, sorry. A Parker dealer could help for sure. 17020895544132938144369494677960.jpg17020898040018568048184483683102.jpg
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